Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ecommerce Website Development Tips

The bigger the better

An picture can say a million terms. It is therefore obviously that the item injections on an e-commerce website are extremely essential. Even if your viewers are not the seniors with unable perspective, it is still essential to have awesome, big, obvious injections of your products.

In the case of Wiltshire Town Meals we have taken this concept to the excessive.

As we saw previously the item list is basically a lines of pictures with the inclusion of some primary item information. The picture provides the food in a way terms never could, and the lines allows us to have large pictures. However, we did not quit there.

As you can see in the movie below, hitting a item list shows an even bigger picture in the item information. We also allow customers to simply click on this bigger picture and show an even bigger edition that increases to complete the size of the site. This results in the individual in no question about what they are getting.

Of course this is determined by having reasonable injections of the item. If you can only invest money on a single thing for your ecommerce website development this would be it. Obtain getting the best digital cameras you can. Its worth it.

Make control buttons and hyperlinks obvious

A extension of the ‘bigger is better’ considering can also be used to control buttons and hyperlinks. Granted this might be overstated by the Wiltshire Town Meals viewers, but in my years of individual examining I am regularly surprised how often customers fall short to identify essential hyperlinks and control buttons.

You will therefore observe how extremely big some of the hyperlinks and control buttons on WFF are. However, size is not everything (no innuendo intended).

We also provided a lot of interest to overall look and terminology too. For example, observe in the picture below how the weblink looks like a weblink. Also we did not depend on the weblink alone because the terminology of the weblink does not connect the activity. We therefore included a option that conveys how simply clicking it will allow the individual to ‘view all of our meat meals’.

The illustrative characteristics of control buttons can also be seen elsewhere on the website. We are very aware that customers do not always study duplicate describing control buttons and so the option itself needs to connect all information required.

Take for example the picture below. If all you study was the two control buttons you would know exactly what choice was available. The nearby written text is entirely optionally available.

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