Thursday, June 7, 2012

SEO For E-commerce Website's

E-commerce websites can unintentionally are unsuccessful of SEO best practice because, for example, the site may be unintentionally full of spider and replicate articles concerns. Such concerns are fundamentally attached to item optimization, an oft-neglected aspect of SEO which is the focus of my post. A perfect seo is necessary for a significant ecommerce website development.

It’s unexpected how often ecommerce websites ignore this aspect of SEO.

People tend to be preoccupied by the high amount go and middle search term terms and forget to concentrate on the crucial key terms and phrases associated with the long-tail.

Many websites be successful in taking a reasonable amount of long-tail visitors without paying particular interest to it. Nevertheless, it’s still important to catch as much of long-tail visitors as possible because long-tail visitors transforms better than go term visitors.

Tip – Duplicate content

Serve items on 1 URL whenever possible.

A individual URL may not be possible because items might take up several groups, giving them alternative URL index tracks. For example;

A diesel fuel jean material clothing would be best provided as

instead of sitting in alternative categories where duplication can occur, such as


A replicate articles issue may also happen if there are several versions of the same product; for example, when a item comes in different styles and/or colors. A couple of options to battle this issue are:

Serve on one URL – provide pictures to change the picture if large is different but keep everything on one URL. This is an simpler management option if you have less source to write exclusive item information for each version of a item. Do make sure that the version pictures have color optimized alt written text, or written text below the thumbnail, to allow the site to be optimized for each item colour; for example, ‘black/blue/red bodycon diesel fuel dress’.
Pros– Simpler to apply, reduces replicate articles riskCons – Items are not as maximum for version particular search terms
Serve on exclusive URLs – a particular web page per item version allows you to optimize for each color, or other item version. This method still has a replicate articles risk because goods are still too similar despite some variations, such as color and size.However, you can still avoid leading to replicate articles filter systems by generating a exclusive information of item for each difference to more highly identify each web page.Pros– More maximum item pagesCons – Difficult to manage / come up with exclusive descriptions


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